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Leighton American Flag Blend.jpg


  • Grandmaster practical shooter

  • Businessman and small business owner 35 years

  • Speaker, lecturer and media consultant.

  • International practical pistol competitor

  • Represented USA at World Shoots in 2014 & 2017 

  • Founded / managed businesses from 5 to 150 people

  • Competed in hundreds of shooting competitions and dog trials in past four decades

  • LE officer, military NCO, Search & Rescue Captain

  • Owned/operated/worked in construction, movie, accounting, dog training and shooting industry

  • Life Member USPSA, NRA

  • Member AKC, ABKA, APDT, IACP

  • Award winning author

  • Holds an FFL, FEL, SOT

  • Licensed by the ATF and DEA

Leighton Shoulder shot Extracted.jpg

About Leighton

  • As a professional dog trainer and animal behaviorist for 35 years, Leighton Oosthuisen has served in the Military, Law Enforcement and Search & Rescue. 

  • Over the past 25 years he has taught hundreds of professional handlers and instructors; and supervised the training of more than 25,000 dogs and K9s. 

  • His experience in the anti-terrorism industry, movie industry, security industry and private sector has allowed him to develop effective training methods to ensure the dogs will perform in a number of different situations. 

  • Leighton is an accomplished photographer, videographer and conservationist. 

  • Leighton emigrated to the United States in 1987 from South Africa, and currently resides in Cave Creek, Arizona with his family. 

French WS Open Senior Team.jpg

Team USA Worlds

  • "Without a doubt the highlight of my shooting life has been qualifying and representing the United States as a member of Team USA in 2014"

  • Thanks to our beloved leader, Mike Voigt, we were able to win Gold in Open Senior.

  • In 2017 we again represented the USA in France at the World Championships, winning Silver.
    Sadly, Mike passed away this year, but I will always carry with me his words of calm determination. He was one of my biggest supporters, both publicly and behind the scenes with IPSC. 

  • If elected, I will truly have Mikes voice in my head, and gaze over my shoulder.

  • I am honored that Maggie Reese Voigt, Mikes' wife, fellow shooter and love of his life, has endorsed me to run for Area 2. (Thank you Maggie)

  • Mike, this is for you!


My Other Passion

  • I have been many places, and done many things.

  • I was raised on a ranch, introduced to the business world at age 17 as an auditor clerk, and founded and owned many startups.

  • I served in the military special forces, and could have made that my career but for a few decisions.

  • I have worked construction, photography, movies, law enforcement, security and accounting.

  • But I never lost my love for animals.

  • From horses, to dogs, to cats, to snakes and exotics.

  • Animals are never far from me, and I have devoted my life to helping them.

  • My dog school, which I founded in 1997, offers or has offered behavior modification, obedience, daycare, swimming, agility, boarding and AKC testing.

  • I have specialized in bomb detection, narcotic work, tracking, sports competition, French Ring, agility, protection dogs, dock diving and others.

  • I have trained dogs for movies, commercials and music videos. 

  • While my family comes first, it's always hard to decide if I love shooting or dogs more.

Citizenship Family pic.jpg

US Citizenship

  • In January 2017 I was sworn in as a United States citizen. This ended a long journey, and is one of the greatest moments in my life.

  • Words cannot express how it feels to give up everything, move to a strange country and start a new life. 

  • It was a difficult task, made more so by the cost. 

  • But I had a dogged determination to succeed. 

  • And I did it legally and by the book.

  • NO regrets! Ecstatic to be a part of a great country.

  • With me is my son Christopher, and my Dad, Leolin.

Leighton DominicPiton July 2012.JPG


  • I have always been a competitor. I love the excitement, adrenaline and passion of going up against others. 

  • I have also competed in many dog sports, at local and national level.

  • Shown is French Judge Dominic Piton. Under him I earned the second highest score in history competing with my Belgian Malinois, Karnak.

  • In 2014 after competing in Dock Diving in California, I returned home, built my own commercial dock pool, bought the franchise and started our club. We went on to win the Facility of the Year in 2014.

  • I have also won titles in French Ring, Agility, Tracking, AKC Obedience, Detection and other dog sports.

  • I no longer compete in dog competition, preferring to focus my attention on the shooting sports.


Media Consultant

  • I worked for NBC for about ten years as a consultant on dog matters; appearing live, filming segments and occasionally producing short stories.

  • I have also appeared on Good Morning America discussing and demonstrating narcotic and explosive detection canines.

  • In the photo left, I filmed a segment with the chopper pilot of Channel 3 news.

  • I have also been involved in producing, and been interviewed by, projects related to shooting, guns and transportation of firearms.

Leighton w Rob SHOT 2018.jpg


  • No bio would be complete without some personal side of me. 

  • In this photo, I am hanging out with some guy in a fishing vest at the SHOT show in Las Vegas.

  • Seriously though, one of the things I enjoy about our sport is the friendships I have made with people from all over the world.

  • We don't always agree on everything - heck, I remember an argument I had with Rob over using electronic scoring. It was at Rio, and it went on for an hour.

  • But our sport brings us together

  • The best part of running for election has been making even more friends, and sharing the dream.


Snakes & Exotics

I love all creatures and have a collection of venomous rattlesnakes (I am licensed by by Game & Fish)

Dock diving Crush Jump catch.jpg

Dock Diving

Sending Crush, my Dutch Shepherd, to catch his toy, while training in Dock Diving in Arizona

Dock diving Karnak catch toy.jpg


Grabbing at a toy, while six feet up and twenty feet out over the water.



Working off leash on control training, with GSD Ludwig. He bit so hard he would bruise decoys inside the suit

Dock diving Leighton winner Partners.jpg

Winning Regionals

This is Karnak and I after winning the Regionals in jumping

Crush Water Catch.jpg

Nationals Diving

Competing with Karnak, my Belgian Malinois, in the Las Vegas Nationals. We went on to win this competition.



Personal protection training and bitework - don't do this at home.


Patrol K9

Training a patrol GSD Ludwig in holding position while shooting. The gun is a  Colt 1911 .45 Series 80 SS, the first pistol I competed with. 

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