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Is it time to clean up our act?

I remember when Facebook was launched, my PR person came into my office and said, "Hey, there is this new thing called Facebook, and it is going to connect us with all our friends." I didn't bite - to be honest I wasn't thrilled with MySpace, and thought this was just another gimmick.

But Facebook has taken over our lives - well most of us anyway.

I still think there are a ton of good things about it. I buy many thousands of dollars of marketing on it, and it does produce results.

But what it has also done is create a generation of keyboard warriors. Experts in nothing but running their mouth so to speak. Everyone has become an expert, and with that, has come those that bully others for having a different point of view.

People now post things with no restraint. Things they would, I hope, never say in public, they are happy to say online.

I am going to add that this is a free country, and I love that you can say whatever you like. Well, sort of. I don't agree that you can say things that hurt others,

But I think it is time we were a little more respectful and well mannered. I would like to see us return to the days of treating USPSA, staff and members with respect and dignity.

I realize that respect is earned.

So this is a two way street.

A fellow shooter told me recently how embarrassed he was at a shooter dinner when some of the party were cursing in public, with kids nearby. I am no angel, and i am embarrassed to say I am guilty as well, but I decided to make a definite attempt to clean up my act.

I am not saying we need to become snowflakes, but certainly promoting common respect and courtesy is a good thing, and I believe will reflect well on our organization.

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