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What You Should Know About Our Bylaws

Any time you are called upon to vote, it is a good idea to know what the facts are. Actually, it is critical you know. An educated society is a strong society. If I am elected by the members of Area 2, my promise is to keep people educated. I also expect members to do their part in promoting and supporting the leadership. Even if it is a small part, we should all be involved.

The following is an excerpt of the USPSA Bylaws. The full bylaws can be found here:

SIDENOTE President Foley on June 26 2017 posted a Statement on what is USPSA. It is an interesting read, and an important look into how he sees the bylaws and scope of operations of the USPSA

I have posted a copy of the Statement into a blog on my page here

You can see the original here:

My Campaign

My campaign, and my intended goal as the Area 2 Director will be to return to the mandate as explained in the Bylaws. As I have said, I believe President Foley and the Board of Directors is performing well. Other than the occasional bump, things are progressing along.

But, and I mean this as a positive, I also feel that in these current times we should be doing more to locate and attract the millions of gun owners, that do not participate in any form of shooting.

I want to see us return to the purpose as defined in our bylaws.

  • Promote more national and international competition

  • Educate the public and gun owners in sports shooting

  • Train and develop athletes to represent the USA internationally

As far as the purpose of the Board of Directors, these are the areas I intend to actively pursue.

  • strategic planning and leadership

  • membership recruitment with retail stores, new ranges and clubs

  • professional marketing strategies

  • Develop mutually beneficial relationships with shooting organizations such as USA shooting, NRA and especially IPSC.

Note, highlights are by me, and serve to educate you the voting member why I say we are returning to the basics. (I still support the items not highlighted).



The objects and purposes of this corporation shall be

i.) to promote amateur national and international athletic competition,

ii.) to educate the public of the benefits of practical shooting,

iii.) to train Range Officers,

iv.) to set forth rules and regulations for the conduct of practical shooting,

v.) to assist in safely and fairly holding practical shooting contests, and

vi.) to set forth a system under the auspices of the corporation that will train, develop and qualify athletes to represent the United States in international practical shooting competition.