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Why Trump will WIN in 2020

The above picture was taken by the NBC at the NRA Show in 2017. I was sitting front row, thanks to my good friend and NRA Board Member Todd Rathner. I have always believed that all elected officials should be hired and paid to complete a contract. Their campaign promises should be a mandate to perform. They should also only be paid a the conclusion of their contract. Term limits should apply to all elections.

And once you are elected, you should keep to the terms of your contract.

Trump was so far outside, most people considered him a nuisance. Even Putin said in his press conference recently that the Russian intelligence were unaware of him when he was there for a business conference prior to running for election.

Yet, here we are. And he is keeping to his promises. One by one he is following up with his campaign statements, and I have no doubt we have yet to see the best. Of course, I want to see far more pro shooting legislation, reciprocal carry and the end of "safe" zones. Give it time.

I also want to see far more emphasis on the shooting sports as a choice for the millions of people who own, but don't shoot guns. We need to be all over the policians and pressure them into more ranges, more matches and more support. We have the perfect hook - that being the competition aspect. America loves sport, and they love competition. While I don't foresee us being involved in Olympic shooting, you never know.

USPSA cannot afford financially to do this - but private funding is there. We need to develop strategy to seek out politicians that find a common goal. IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) has done and is doing a lot in this area. The new President, Vitaly is very involved, and Secretary Sasja is quite clued up on international sports.

We are at a good point here. USPSA is doing a good job overall with building members. But we need to do more. President Foley is open to many of these points, and it is up to us to encourage and promote our sport to everyone. So, the point here, is that my promise is to work as hard as I can at building relationships, travelling to shows and events, putting the word out. And of course, making sure we have a pro gun legislature.

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